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Knowing how competitive it is to break into Wall Street, our investment banking mentors (with Bulge Bracket and boutique experience) can help you prepare ahead to increase your chances of getting an offer. Whether your interest is in IBD, equity research, sales & trading, quant, risk, investment management or technology, we have it covered.


Getting into a Big Four firm is undoubtedly the dream of many accounting students. We have mentors across audit, tax, advisory, corporate finance, actuarial and technology consulting practices from Deloitte, PwC, EY , who were admitted into the Big Four via diverse paths, including those with non-target school and non-accounting discipline backgrounds.


Consulting is a high-demand career choice among not only business school but also STEM and liberal arts students. There is no “typical” candidate for consulting. Therefore, connecting with an insider who has a similar background will greatly help you navigate your path to a consulting career. Other than management consulting, economic and technology streams also have prominent career outlooks and are becoming increasingly competitive.


Marketing requires mastery of the local language and consumer habits of which international students do not have a natural advantage. Whether your interest is in digital, product, research or analytics, our mentors can help you better utilize your strengths in your job search process.


Actuary is a highly specialized profession for which international students usually have a strong advantage. Other than actuarial exams and technical capabilities, you will learn what it takes to get an offer from the top actuarial and insurance companies by speaking directly with our mentors working in Towers Watson, AON, and AIG, etc.


In addition to investment banking, we also help mentees champion their job search processes in private equity, asset management, venture capital and corporate finance directions. We have mentors from Fortune 500 companies, leading asset management firms (e.g., Blackrock and State Street), and regional and local funds.


Data science and analytics have become the latest “IT topic” career-wise—almost all companies are transiting towards data-driven decision-making and management. Talent recruitment for such functions has thus sprouted across all industry verticals. Get first-hand insights from our mentors who currently work in data-related positions from banks, accounting firms, consumer-goods conglomerates, and insurance companies, etc.


In today’s tech-driven economy, skilled programmers have become rock stars. Yet, landing a dream job in Silicon Valley is not solely dependent on your technical profile. Employers also assess your soft skills, especially communication abilities in an English-speaking environment. Our mentors can enhance your networking and interview skills to make you a well-round candidate.


DreambigCareer has a vast mentor network of more than 1,500 professionals across U.S., Canada, U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Mainland China. Most mentors were once international students who understand perfectly the challenges of job hunting abroad. Besides the listed 8 career tracks, we also have mentors in niche professions like pharmaceutical, supply chain management, legal, and non-profit areas.




Joseph finished his undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill and later his graduate program at LSE. Prior to joining DBC, Joseph worked as an investment banking analyst at Credit Suisse in Hong Kong. Before that, he had also worked at Barclays Investment Bank and Citi Global Markets. His job hunting experience as an international student across the U.K., the U.S. and Hong Kong allows him to step into the shoes of the students who are struggling to find jobs in these countries.



Jeremy went to an international high school in Europe and later moved to the United States where he graduated from a top 10 accounting master’s program. He had received full-time offers from PwC and EY and ended up working at EY upon college graduation. Other than the Big Four firms, he has also worked at a large real estate company and private equity fund. He joined DreambigCareer as a part-time mentor at the early stages of the company (mentees’ offer rate 100% then), and later left EY to join DBC full-time as a partner.



John graduated from Tsinghua University in Electronics Engineering. He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. Currently John is the Chief Executive Officer of HNA Tech Investments, mainly responsible for planning, negotiating, and implementing mergers and acquisitions deals, as well as venture investment. Before joining HNA, John worked as a Director at American Express leading various quantitative modeling teams. John is a Fellow of Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS).



Shanshan works both as a manager of the Strategy and FP&A team in Morgan Stanley Institutional Securities Group and as a real estate agent at Landmark. Before that, she had also worked at JP Morgan Corporate Investment Bank via networking. Her rich working experiences in the finance industry and networking skills have helped numerous mentees receive offers from top investment banks, including Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.



Brad is currently a Strategic Business Development Director at Dell Technology. Prior joining Dell, Brad worked at The BCG and PwC as strategy consultant. For both positions, Brad was based in Chicago IL and had built extensive knowledge on multiple industries with North America focus. Brad had also internship experiences with Morgan Stanley in Chicago focusing on Private Wealth Management. He holds B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai China, and a MBA from Duke University.



Athena currently serves as a Sr. Financial Analyst and Site Controller at Amazon.com. She started her career in Central, HK working in investment banking mainly in pre-IPO valuation, then moved to the U.S. for her MBA. Since then Athena explored the finance section in different companies and industries including Universal Music, Warner Brothers Studios, Surgical Care Affiliates, and joined her current company earlier this year. She has experience in IPO, M&A, corporate finance and controllership.



Lily is an Audit Associate at Deloitte Boston Office. She has strong international experience and proven success in various roles within Finance and Accounting. Lily landed her job with Deloitte & Touche LLP and has been with the firm for two years. Her main industries are TMT and Manufacturing. Lily is skilled in lessons including Big Four Career Consultation, Networking, and Mock Interview, etc.



As a M&A senior consultant at Deloitte, Ruby possesses keen insights into the Big Four’s recruiting process. At DreambigCareer, Ruby has already coached over 300 students since she joined the DBC mentor pool. With her outstanding record as a mentor, she is now the director of DBC Mentor Development Program, helping new mentors better serve our clients.



Yiko is currently working as a Senior Data Analyst at Media Assembly, with a focus on dashboard reporting management & marketing attribution modeling. With a Master degree in Marketing Analytics, Yiko has been working in marketing agency industry for several years. He has great experience in understanding the business sense of data and telling the story to various audience.



Rico is currently working in PwC and focusing on private equityenture capital valuation. Prior to PwC, Rico worked as an investment banking analyst at CREO Capital Advisors. While at CREO, Rico focused on mergers & acquisitions and capital raising. He graduated from the Boston College with a M.S. in Finance and Miami University with a B.S in Finance.



After graduating from from the University of Toronto, Mark joined PwC in 2013 and is currently a manager in the deal practise in Singapore. He has a strong understanding of the selection process while participated in recruiting in the past. At DBC, Mark works side-by-side with his Mentees, providing them with personalized career planning. His mentees has 100% success rate to receive offers for interview with big fours up to date.



Sophia has experiences working as a consultant with one of the Big 4 Firm’s technology advisory practice. She has leveraged her data analytics expertise and project management skills to help clients redesign operational processes. The clients she consulted range across a variety of industry sectors, from healthcare to technology. Sophia is passionate to share her insights in the consulting industry and is enthusiastic to set up her mentees for success with personalized career consultation.




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今天是考研的第二天 对大多数人而言今天只是一个平常的周末 但是对于考研的同学来说,今年的成败在此一举

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是的没有错,我用两周时间在曼哈顿找到了一份全职且有Pay的工作。不靠爸妈,不靠朋友,就靠我自己。 ——选取自《从时尚行业到金融行业,我完成了一次自我跨越》

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大家好,我就是标题中提到的 一个月内斩获111张Offer要逆天的DBC君 人送外号“Offerman”,请同学们为我双击666

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美国大学的final 可以说是分分钟要折磨死人的节奏 明明是个护垫大小的考试量 却有着量多日用型的考试范围 需要学生夜用加长型地复习 但即使这样,还是会侧漏

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想必大家在考虑是是否回国的时候,也会去网络上各个地方搜索这些讯息,看到的时候,是否会有些失落和担忧?好不容易学成归来,却开始遭遇就业困境。 顶尖名校的学历依然坚挺,但更多的海归毕业生们,回国后却淹没于求职的人潮中。 别方!了解DBC的人都知道,我们绝对不会眼睁睁地看着大家在求职路上被挫折打倒。求职路上,扬长避短,发挥优势是必须的呐。 所以,今天就着重跟大家聊聊留学生回国高效求职的那些事儿。

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作者简介: 作者FRIDA YU,来自中国东北,曾在中国和英国牛津大学获得法学学位,在香港一家国际律师事务所担任律师。三年前来到美国斯坦福大学攻读MBA,目前已毕业。此篇《如果我没资格留在美国,谁会有呢?》24日在《纽约时报中文网》上发表,引发留学圈里巨大讨论。

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秋招还没收获心仪Offer,想等2018年春招逆袭 然而只有计划没有规划的求职进击之路 往往只会重蹈覆辙 DBC众位导师们仔细分析了 今年秋招拿下Dream Offer的精英学员背景 得出: 超过90%成功斩获Offer的同学 早在大二或大三就已经明确自己的求职方向 并积累一个或多个相关行业的实习经历 相比同类竞争者有着更丰富的求职及工作经验

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很多人说,这是一个看脸的时代 主页君表示高度赞同,这确实是“以貌取人”的时代 毕竟主页君的饭碗就是靠颜值拿到的

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